Regretfully we cannot sustain lowest price(s) and continuous telephone contact, except when our graphic arts personnel require one-on-one discussions with you, to capture your editing ideas that may be difficult to describe or do not lend themselves, to be described or visualized, in writing.  

To facilitate the process of designing a custom banner, logo or both, complete your answers to the following questions, make payment & email them, with your sketch art, If any to:


We request you pay in advance, unless, you have your own art file in 300 DPI, PDF/JPG format.  In such a case you will pay after your art is approved and proofed.  If your art is not formatted to 300 DPI we will require $72.00, to re-format it.  In ALL OTHER cases involving, design work or just banner sales, pay for banners and the basic $72.00, in advance.  We will not do art layout without a pre-paid banner & layout order, (or logo design), as the case may be.  Submit all art-files by email:


  1. Draw a sketch of how you would like your banner design to look Pay in advance for banner(s) and design time ie., add $72 for Banner design. (USE AN ADDITIONAL PIECE OF PAPER FOR YOUR ROUGH SKETCH DESIGN or PROVIDE ART)
  2. List the colors that you prefer we use; If you have no color scheme we will create one;
  3. If you have your own custom logo on an art-file and you want it to be incorporated in the banner, upload the file and send it to the same email address along with the rest of this information;
  4. Would you like us to call you prior to designing?  If yes, provide an easily accessible phone number or cell phone number;  YES: My number is:
  5. If you want us to design a logo, unless you have an idea of what you have in mind, that you can rough-sketch for us, we will design at least 2 draft idea logos for you to start considering.
  6. What make, year and model is the Van you are planning to use your banner on?;  And does it have factory installed rain-gutters on the roof?   Yes   or    No    (Circle one)
  7. What information do you want us to display on the banner, name, business name, color/B&W-photos, phone, website, email, fax or business slogan(s), use additional page with sketch:

Your Name: ________________________

Your Companies name:_________________________

Your, Address, Suite/Unit No., City, State, Zip Code, to Ship to:

___________________________  (NOTE: WE CANNOT SHIP TO A USPS P.O, BOX)

                 Package deliver address only.


                 City, State, Zip

Email:__________________                (Area Code) Phone:__________________

If you pay for banners and/or services, and do not provide the information above, as it pertains to what you paid us to print and/or create, we will ask this same information in email correspondence, until we have what we need from you to go forward.  So we need an email address from you for that reason. 

We do not design custom banners or logos without payment for banner(s) and any design services in advance.   Allow *14-21 days for delivery after proof process is approved.

*Shipping Costs and arrival times, to destinations outside the Continental US, may vary.